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Pyromusical Displays

Without doubt, there is nothing more moving than a fireworks display set to music. With our pyromusical displays the fireworks are perfetly synchronised to any chosen track using the latest in computerised digital firing systems. Picking out the beat of an upbeat pop or rock track, or sympathetically interpreting a love song with stunning pyrotechnic effects, you're guarenteed a draw dropping experince, whether it be a full on rock fest or your romantic Wedding Reception display.

We have our own PA system that you can hire, or we give you the opportunity to ask your DJ or your band, that are already at your event (whatever that may be) to supply a connection to their system for us to plug into, and as long as they can place speakers where you and your guests can here the music then everyone is happy. This is a great way of saving you money as most other companies include this cost in their displays anyway and you don't have the option.

Our Services

Once you've chosen Shockwave Pyrotechnics to perform your show you can leave it all to us. Our Fully Inclusive Service includes the following....

  • Full Venue Liaison - We talk to the venue about all aspects of health and safety so you don't have to.
  • Site Visit - If required, we'll visit the venue to discuss the display with them.
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment - We'll provide this to your venue. You need not worry about any aspect of this.
  • Show Design - We've designed and fired hundreds of Wedding Firewroks Displays. Leave it to us, or if you want some input, please le tus know any ideas you may have.
  • Fully Trained Pyrotechnics Crew - Highly experienced in House and BPA trained crew
  • £10m Public Liability Insurance
  • Full Show setup and Clear up Afterwards

What we quote is what you pay, there are no hidden extra's.




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