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What are we up to? We're always doing something whether it be performing displays, upgrading equipment, attending Wedding Fayres, preparing for competition displays... keep up to date with us here..


  • Busy Weekend

    Published: 3rd Sep 2017

    A very busy weekend was had by Shockwave, and it starts to get even busier on the lead up to the annual Guy Fawkes Season. Many shows out over the next few weeks and many booking coming in.   
  • New Wireless Firing Systems

    Published: 9th May 2017

    We have recently purchased additional hardware to compliment our Firestorm Wireless Firing Systems. These additions now give us the ability to fire completely wireless pyromusical displays. This is especially important when a firing site layout doesn't always lend itself to easily connect all of the wiring end to end using traditional systems. If we now come across a firing site with say a road and a river between the audience and the fireworks, no problem!…
  • Dangerous Goods

    Published: 29th Apr 2017

    Shockwave has just appointed a new Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) Having a DGSA is a legal requirement for any compnay that is involved transporting Dangerous Goods on the UK roads. In our case the dangerous goods are explosives, something not be taken lightly. A DGSA makes sure we're always kept up to date on all things legal, and any regulations that may change that we should know about. Just one of the many things…
  • Booking Advice

    Published: 31st Jan 2017

    Not many people know about the fireworks industry in the UK, and booking a display company could be a bit daunting to some people. However, it is easier than you think, and it's just like booking any other service for your event. However, we've put together a single page of advice when speaking to a professional fireworks display company... you can download it HERE
  • Book Your Display

    Published: 16th Jan 2017

    2017 is already proving to be a very busy year for us, so if you're looking for a fireworks display for your event this year, then get in touch to talk us about the options. Always ask your venue if they allow fireworks though as some don't.
  • What's Next?

    Published: 1st Dec 2016

    Well the November period is now over and we now move towards Xmas and New Year. We've already got a very busy 2017 ahead of us, with many displays across the UK including dozens of Wedding Displays. Are you looking for a professional fireworks display for your big day or event? If so, give us a call to discuss it.   
  • Are you ready?

    Published: 2nd Nov 2016

    Are you ready for Guy Fawkes? We are.... See you soon!  
  • It's Time

    Published: 20th Oct 2016

  • November 5th - Bonfire Night

    Published: 2nd Sep 2016

    Preparations for this years Bonfire Night are now under way, with displays being fired from as far south as Cornwall up to Stoke on Trent and everywhere in between. We have a limited number of dates available for your bonfire display, so if you're interested get in touch very soon!  
  • Looe Music Festival

    Published: 31st Aug 2016

    Only a few more weeks until Shockwave are at the Looe Music Festival to perform the closing display! A fantastic 3 day event in the fabulous ton of Looe in Cornwall. If you've never been before, do yourselves a favour and book some tickets.  

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