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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Booking Your Display

Booking your display couldn't be simpler. Once you've spoken to us and agreed your budget and show details, we will email you an online booking form to sign*. The signing of this booking form is performed entirely online using a secure 'e-signing' service. As this is done online, you don't need to print anything out and send it back to us in the post or via email. Once you've e-signed the booking form you will receive a confirmation email of completion. To then secure your booking, we must receive the 30% deposit within 7 days.

*The online booking form has only been active since 1st January 2017, and therefore any booking confirmation before this date has been on the receipt of a deposit from the client.

Booking is confirmed on e-signing the electronic booking form (post 1st Jan 2017) or payment of a deposit pre 1st January 2017.


By signing the booking form, you agree to forward a 30% deposit to secure your booking with us. Once this is received your show date will be entered into our show diary. 

The remaining balance (cleared funds) is due no later than two weeks before your show date.

If you book a show within four weeks of your show date, then full payment is required upon booking. If payment has not been received by the due date then we have the right to cancel your display unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed.

When you pay your deposit we will send you an invoice for the total display value indicating the deposit paid and the balance due.


Cancellation Policy* **

Cancellation by client in excess of 35 days notice - We will provide you with a 50% deposit refund, except when a Site Visit has been performed, where we will retain 80% of the deposit to cover our admin, and travelling expenses to and from the venue during the site visit. In this case you will receive an 20% refund of your Deposit.

Cancellation by Client, giving 7 - 34 days notice - 30% of the remaining show value, less the deposit, will be invoiced for payment within 30 days from receipt.

Cancellation by Client, giving less than 7 days notice - 50% of the remaining show value, less the deposit, will be invoiced for payment within 30 days from receipt.

Cancellation by Client, giving less than 24 hours notice - 75% of the remaining show value, less the deposit, will be invoiced for payment within 30 days from receipt.

If a show is not allowed to go ahead or cancelled by the venue for any reason outside of Shockwave Pyrotechnics Control, then the same conditions apply above as for a Client Cancellation.

 *Due to the massive demand for our services, for bookings for displays between 31st October - 14th November, any deposit paid is non refundable if the booking is cancelled for any reason, at any time. If the display is cancelled within 7 days, then the deposit + 75% of the total show value is to be paid.

Adverse weather conditions - Whilst we have many years of experience, one aspect we cannot control, is the Great British Weather. Should Shockwave Pyrotechnics make the decision on the day of your show that your show cannot go ahead due to adverse weather conditions, then 40% of the total show value will be invoiced, and 60% refunded. If however the Pyrotechnics Crew has already "Set Up" the show, then 60% will be invoiced and 40% will be refunded.

Please Note: Only one display in 15 years has ever been cancelled by us due to adverse weather, where 3-4 foot snow drifts stopped us accessing our storage site. This was caused by freak and unheard of before weather conditions, of which we're not likely to see again. Where inclement weather may affect the display, we will always discuss with the client where possible, and seek to reach an amicable decision of what course of action is recommended by us, which would in almost every circumstance be based purely on the safety of the Audience and / or Firing Crew. A Professional Fireworks Display can go ahead in most weather conditions which the general public would not expect, so don't let this overly concern you. Where an amicable decision cannot be reached, then the Shockwave Pyrotechnics' Display Supervisor allocated to your show, or one of the company directors will have full responsibility for making the decision.

 ** See further down for page for the 'Pyrotechnics Pot' cancellation Policy


Pyrotechnic Substitutions and / or omissions

Shockwave Pyrotechnics reserve the right at any time to substitute or omit any pyrotechnic effect from a show which we feel may cause an unacceptable Health and Safety risk. This decision is normally put into effect where excessive weather conditions may cause an unacceptable risk to the audience, crew, buildings, structures or vehicles. In 99% of cases, substitutions are made rather than omissions. No refunds / partial refunds are given if substitutions or omissions are made.


Notifying the relevant Authorities / Neighbours

It is the responsibility of the event organiser / client to notify neighbours, local farmers, livestock owners, hospitals, nursing homes and anyone else who may be affected or distressed by the display. Although we recommend you notify the parties listed above, it is not required by law. Shockwave Pyrotechnics do not take any responsibility for any distress caused to local residents or livestock as a direct result of one of our displays, whether or not the parties were informed or not. Acceptance of our proposal by the venue or the client is acceptance that any distress caused as described above is the responsibility of the client or venue.


Firing Site Security

Whilst our Fireworks crews monitor the firing site at all times during setup and the display itself, It is the primary responsibility of the event organiser / or hosting venue to make sure that adequate safety measures are put in place to restrict public access into the exclusion zone highlighted by Shockwave Pyrotechnics Ltd in our proposal. If the venue is not able to provide adequate securty then we can supply our own marshalls at an additional cost to either the client or the hosting venue, but this must be requested at least 4 weeks prior to the display. The nominated Display Team Lead has the power to postpone, stop or cancel the display, should the safety of the public and / or the firing crew be compromised by a lack of security.


Firing Site Clearup

Our crews have the utmost respect for the land we perform our displays on, but following a display, the firing site used will contain debris from the display itself. Whilst we always perform a thorough clear up to the best of our ability following a show, it is inevitable that there will be some debris remaining. The debris from a fireworks display will only normally be small pieces of paper and cardboard. This is the same for each and every show, and with each and every other Fireworks Display Company. Shockwave Pyrotechnics Ltd are not liable for any clearup costs.


Your personal "Fireworks Display Fund"

Payments to your personal 'Fireworks Display Fund' can only be made using your secure payments page which uses Paypal. You DO NOT need a Paypal account to use this feature, but if you do have one then feel free to login and use your account.

Upon agreeing to use the 'Fireworks Fund' a deposit of £50.00 should be paid immediately upon booking to secure your date. If any monies need to be refunded at any time (according to our standard cancellation policy) this will be paid direct to the client only and not to your individual contributors. It will be the responsibility of the client to distribute each appropriate refund to the contributors. See our additional Cancellation policy above that applies in addition.

The agreed 'Target Amount' for your display must be reached 35 days before your event date, if it's not, we will notify you of this fact and you should consider paying the balance yourself as the full balance is required 21 days before your event date. If the Target amount is not reached within 21 days of your event date then Shockwave Pyrotechnics reserve the right to cancel the display and you will be invoiced for 50% of your target amount, refunding any amount above this that is contained within the fund. Where Shockwave Pyrotechnics Ltd has contributed in part towards your fund as part of a special offer or promotion, this amount will not contribute to the amount you’ve paid and therefore not be taken into account when calculating your refund total.

Data Protection

Shockwave Pyrotechnics do not pass on any contact information to any third parties.


Receipt of a deposit from the client is confirmation of booking, and acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions 

Should you require confirmation / clarification on any of the points above, then please contact us.



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